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v0.0.3's hero image

Not an insanely productive day with applications and studying at the same time, but I was able to get some testing set up for Doom Scheme and worked a bit on the UI. It’s following the wireframes from v0.0.2 pretty closely, which I’m happy about.

I think tomorrow, I’d like to build a rough version the “Composition” screen, which is the real 🥩 of the app.


Doom Scheme

  • Created a MultiTab component to select different states on a screen
  • Set up unit testing capability with Jest and react-test-renderer
  • Tested 6 functions in the dateTime util file
    • convertIsoToMillis
    • convertMillisToIso
    • formatDateTimeDifference
    • formatIsoToText
    • formatTimestamp
    • getDateTimeDifference


  • The Discover screen for viewing and liking shared raps. Previously it was just a screen that displayed “Discover.”
Discover screen
  • The Profile screen with the MultiTab component
Profile screen

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