I'm a self-taught full-stack engineer and I wrote my first line of code in '19. I created this site to share what projects, learnings, and thoughts are currently taking my time and attention.

Most of my experiences have been trial-by-fire as I solo-bootstrapped a business called Leadgeek in '20 that has evolved from a spreadsheet with custom macros into an entire suite of tools.

I'm still here ~4 years later, thanks mostly to trusty old Google and the deep desire not to make the same mistake twice 😅.

I picked up programming as a necessity for building products and was surprised to find that I fell in love with it. Through trial-and-error, I've become well-versed in the development requirements of modern applications.

I'm trying to refine my ability as a software engineer by creating and publishing a project for each letter of the alphabet. Right now I'm on "H."

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